Marketing and Proposal Specialist

Marketing and Proposal Specialist. This employee will report to the Business Manager and work directly with firm management including the President and both Engineering and Marketing VP's. The position takes a leadership role in the preparation of formal responses to governmental and agency related Requests for Proposals. The successful candidate will have proven skills in preparing professional documents including reports, presentation materials, promotional materials and application related formwork. In addition, skills in organizing and prioritizing the firm's relationship with governmental agencies will be required. The successful applicant must be positive and energetic. They must be willing and able to promote the firm and work off site as necessary to achieve the marketing goals of the firm under the direction of firm leadership. The position assists with proposal preparation, daily correspondence production, preparation of finished working documents, organization of data and records and business development with minor oversight. The successful candidate must show initiative and good judgment regarding priorities set by a team of leaders, must have above average computer skills and be familiar with all Microsoft and Adobe type products. Specific skills must include excellent word processing, strong spreadsheet analysis and document editing capability. The position may involve supervision of other administrative personnel as required to produce necessary documentation. Skills in the use of Adobe products within Creative Suite such as Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator are preferred. There is an administrative component to this position. 

Outline of both desired and necessary skills:

  1. Strong written skills. Able to process technical writing and to edit for content and grammar as necessary.
  2. Skills typical for a graduate with a BA or BS degree in Marketing, Business, Sociology, English or similar.
  3. Ability to listen and prioritize when confronted with multiple administrative tasks.
  4. Strong phone and web-based communication skills. Able to adapt to phone system management while performing other tasks. Working knowledge of social media sites as necessary to market and position the firm.
  5. Ability to use and develop systems for maintaining resumes, job history, past performance, and project scope types as necessary to prepare marketing products and proposals.
  6. Strong understanding of data organization and management programs. Understanding of CRM applications. Able to input and extract data from software established to maintain institutional knowledge.
  7. Ability to prepare finished word processing documents using MS Word and Adobe InDesign. Strong ability to edit, process and file photographic records.
  8. Provide primary and backup administrative duties required to organize, schedule and process Professional level work, meeting quantity, quality, and time related work directives.


Pay scale $16-$20 per hour. 

Work hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. Benefits include liberal PTO to be applied as vacation or sick leave, 9 paid holidays, funded health insurance for the employee, Health Savings Account deduction, 401k plan. All benefits are subject to probation periods.

The successful applicant must show an interest in the Venice, Englewood, Sarasota and North Port communities in addition to SW Florida in general. DMK maintains an open and friendly work environment.

Please apply with a BRIEF, SINGLE PAGE COVER LETTER written to demonstrate writing, grammar, style and formatting skills suitable for a professional office. Please include a SINGLE PAGE RESUME presenting:  name, address, job experience, job skills, education, and interests. Please fax or email all information to (941)412-1043 or Applicants will be notified of status via email. Initially successful applicants will be emailed and called for a phone interview. Final candidates will be scheduled for a site interview.

To apply, please use the form below to submit your resume and contact information. If you have any questions, please call our HR department at (941) 412-1293, ext 249